Our Services & Specialties_ 

People in Buildings: Residential & Commercial

Energy use, energy behaviors and practices, occupant experience, building operations and facilities management in health care campuses and large commercial buildings

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Combining and interpreting quantitative, technical, and social evidence. 

Energy as Sociotechnical System

Energy efficiency, energy use, energy supply analyses, and technology-centered histories.

Quantitative Data Analysis

Practical and exploratory data analysis and statistics in a variety of topics and orientations, specializing in questions about people in the built environment. R, SAS, Excel, etc. Data sources identification, retrieval, preparation, and exploration.

Interviewing Experts

Help in preparing interview guides, conducting interviews, and analyzing results. We love talking to people about their work.

We also advise on:

  • Narratives, Stories, and Their Interpretation

  • Research & Policy Analysis

  • Slide Deck Preparation

  • Survey Instrument Design and Testing